Our Story

Purrlala is a small, budding business, comprised of a team of two and based in Houston, Texas. We are passionate about our creative ideas and do extensive research, build prototypes to test our products, thus ensuring you, our customers get items that are functional, appealing, durable and of superior quality.

Our Purrlala window-mounted cat perch is a thing of beauty that we assemble right here in Houston, TX. Its minimalist design won't add clutter to your space. The monogrammed microfiber leather stays neat and taut giving your feline kings and queens a sturdy place to rest up or stay alert as they guard their catdoms

Our Hand Beaded Dog Collars embodies the spirit of effortless cool, both timelessly elegant and distinctively modern. The beading technique is inspired by the Maasai tribes from East Africa whose bead-work dates back hundreds of years. For the Maasai community, beaded charms are a way of life usually worn according to the age and social status of an individual.

We hope you will enjoy our products. We highly appreciate any feedback you may have regarding our product.


Thank you.

Purr Team